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Law School Graduation Party

I ordered Arlene's Photo Booth Service for my event. She was really amazing, especially since I had to do all of my planning by email. She custom-designed the borders and caption for the photos after getting the details on my favorite colors and things that I like. I really didn't know what kind of design I wanted, and it was as if she'd crawled inside my mind and figured out what I wanted FOR me! She offered me a variety of designs from which to choose, and I chose the one that suited me perfectly. Her prices were the best in town from what I could tell, and her service contract is clear and easy to understand. The guests absolutely loved her and her assistant and had a blast taking pictures at the photo booth. It was the most successful part of the entire party, and I still have guests contacting me to tell me as much. Bottom line: People are not going to remember your wedding noodles or your daddy-daughter dance. They are DEFINITELY going to remember putting on hilarious costumes and taking photos with you and other guests, especially since you can arrange for them to take copies with them! Hire this woman; you will not regret it!

Sara Jo Dunstan

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