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Houston Photgraphy and Videography Client's Review

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"My wedding day was 06-30-2012 and it was a very special day for my husband and I. We wanted a wedding photographer that was dynamic, creative, and supremely professional for a great price, and Arlene Arreola and her staff exceeded our expectations!!!!!!! She provided excellent engagement and wedding pictures. Arlene as well as her staff were patience, and listen to our concerns as well as offer suggestions in making our special for my husband and I. The package that we decided to go with was an excellent price which included a "Love Story" that I had NEVER EVER that before. Arlene and her crew made our wedding day enjoyable and definitely remembered.

Arlene Arreola YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!"


Thank You


Mr. & Mrs. Larry Taylor


“Arlene and her team videotaped my wedding ceremony and reception. It was so easy working with Arlene and she was very professional. We met once before the wedding and reviewed everything that I wanted and she made sure to get everything that I requested. The quality of the video is great, I've shown all of my friends and family and they love it. I'm so glad that we decided to hire Arlene, when we watch the video it is like reliving the day.

Thank you!"


Rachel Pierre



“Arlene did an amazing job of videography at our wedding! She caught all of our most special moments – at various angles (from two different cameras so that we got to see things from two different perspectives. Our whole family loved the edited highlights dvd – we have fun watching it at family reunions, commenting/laughing/awww-ing at the memories. It was easy to work with Arlene – an expert in her field – is also a very kind, honest, and hard-working person. She was easily able to make my requests work out, and had great suggestions”


Stephanie and Danny


"Arlene did a great job as a videographer on our wedding. She was very meticulous and detail oriented when it comes to taking the videos. We were so happy with the results and she did capture all the important aspects of our wedding. She even made us a short video with the compilation of the highlights of the event. We didn't even had a hard time dealing with her. That's why we were really grateful that we got her as our wedding videographer!ü Again, thanks Arlene!"



Rhoda & JC :)


We had a great experience working with Arlene. Awesome video, prompt service and at a wonderful price!


I could not imagine investing as much money as people do on a wedding and not having an amazing video to be able to relive it whenever you want! As a bride you miss so much of what is going on… so it’s wonderful to be able to relive the day through the video, and I love mine! It brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. Thanks!


Gigi & Kelly


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