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Photo Booth Rental in Houston Texas (TX) USA

Four photo booth tips to rock your wedding

Some might say photo booths are ubiquitous with modern weddings but certainly not a requirement, while others might state their imperativeness. So, whether you’re thinking of renting a vintage booth or a DIY backdrop for your guests to pose in front of, you must consider the cost of the entire charade. Undoubtedly, photo booth rental in Houston is a terrific way to spice up your wedding extravaganza, allow your guests to make fun memories, give them something to break away from dancing and leave them with a souvenir from the wedding.

However, when deciding to add a quality photo booth, you need to determine whether you want to rent it or get one customized for your wedding. Going for the latter is much more convenient and affordable. And you can always ask the Houston photo booth rental company to customize the background a little for your unique wedding.

The following are some tips that’ll help you rent the best photo booth.

Decide a type of photo booth you want to go for:

The first step to photo booth success is determining the type of photo booth structure that’ll fit your needs. The phrase, photo booth, means so many different things these days. For some, it is as simple as having a fun booth in the backdrop and a photographer snapping your pictures. For others, it means an actual photo booth where guests can enter and have their pictures taken in a wholly and partially enclosed structure.

Match the style of your photo booth to your wedding:

It’s a wedding, which means it is a black-tie event, or maybe you’re doing it on the beach or in an enormous hotel with plenty of space or a simple backyard ceremony. It is crucial to figure out the feel of your photo booth before you decide to rent it. Make sure to check if electrical outlets are available with the photo booth.

Find a fully-enclosed photo booth:

A self-contained photo booth is the best way to come when it comes to a wedding. It comes with all the equipment, including extra tables and chairs needed to set up the photo booth, a camera installed for clicking the pictures and more.

The location of the photo booth:

Once you rent the photo booth, you will want to put it in a location where your guests can see and use it. Try putting it near the dance floor or by an entrance so that your guests can glance at it easily.

Find out more about photo booth fun with Arlene’s Video Productions. Give a call and our experts will set up an awesome photo booth for you right away.

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